the doctors

VOUCELLE is the product of an international collaboration between an MD and a PhD.

Dr. Joel Aronowitz is a world-renowned beauty expert and Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. He is a leader in stem cell research and is committed to expanding and refining non-invasive methods of anti-aging. Known for his compassionate and trail-blazing efforts to ignite the body's own self-renewing, self-transformative powers, he has now proven that youthful beauty can truly come from within—with a little help from science.

Dr. Kiminobu Sugaya, a widely published, internationally acclaimed and highly regarded scientist with over 30 patents pending worldwide, has dedicated more than 20 years searching for a solution to relieve the signs of aging. His commitment to halting the visible effects of aging through the application of stem cell technology will revolutionize the world of beauty forever.

Years of collaborative work between these two innovators resulted in VOUCELLE, a revolutionary development in science and a game changer for skincare. Now, liberated from the lab, this groundbreaking Skin Cell Activation Technology is finally available to you.




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