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VOUCELLE counteracts the skin's response to time by easing and alleviating signs of aging. What the skin did once a week it will now be encouraged to do once a day. Just like it used to.

VOUCELLE is a scientific breakthrough that restores your skin's natural-born ability to regenerate cells, so it acts and looks like it did when it was younger. Years of collaborative work between a pioneering Beverly Hills reconstructive surgeon and a renowned Japanese scientist resulted in this revolutionary development in science and game changer for skincare.


the doctors

VOUCELLE is the product of an international collaboration between an MD and a PhD.

Dr. Joel Aronowitz is a world-renowned beauty expert and Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. He is a leader in stem cell research and is committed to expanding and refining non-invasive methods of anti-aging. Known for his compassionate and trail-blazing efforts to ignite the body’s own self-renewing, self-transformative powers, he has now proven that youthful beauty can truly come from within—with a little help from science.

Dr. Kiminobu Sugaya, a widely published, internationally acclaimed and highly regarded scientist with over 30 patents pending worldwide, has dedicated more than 20 years searching for a solution to relieve the signs of aging. His commitment to halting the visible effects of aging through the application of stem cell technology will revolutionize the world of beauty forever.

Years of collaborative work between these two innovators resulted in VOUCELLE, a revolutionary development in science and a game changer for skincare. Now, liberated from the lab, this groundbreaking Skin Cell Activation Technology is finally available to you.



the breakthrough


Your skin's rejuvenating powers become dormant over time. The research behind VOUCELLE's technology indicates that the body's natural regenerative abilities can be revived and may increase cell turnover. The more cell turnover, the younger your skin looks and acts. Firmer, more resilient and beautiful.

VOUCELLE's Stem Cell Activating Technology stimulates the body to naturally create its own skin cells, making it one of the first self-sustaining and anti-aging skincare products. It defies and defeats signs of aging without the use of additives or surface-fillers, and without causing abrasion or insult to the skin.



VOUCELLE's proprietary ingredient — which has received a U.S. patent grant — is based on over 15 years of research and development into the acceleration of wound healing. During the course of research, it was discovered that this restorative medical breakthrough may be useful in the multiplying of stem cells in the skin. This results in skin regeneration and rejuvenation by relying on the naturally occurring processes of cell renewal.



VOUCELLE's Stem Cell Activating Technology—a small molecule pyrimidine derivative—has been shown to assist in the activation of stem cells, which have become dormant by aging. It may incite stem cell proliferation by the stimulation and modification of enzyme (kinase) activity in the stem cells. These enzymes are responsible for cell cycle regulation and help improve skin cells' ability to regenerate.



Years of research stand behind the efficacy of VOUCELLE's revolutionary technology. Scientific studies vouch for its safety and reliability. It is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, and side-effect free. Scientific testing has shown VOUCELLE's Stem Cell Activating Technology has no side effects. In allergy testing, no known allergic reactions to the skin were found. Toxicity studies also demonstrated the absence of any toxicity, even at extremely high doses. In fact, the technology has mild anti-inflammatory benefits and may be complimentary when used with other products.



VOUCELLE has a unique moral stance that separates it from other skincare brands: safer, clean formula; no unnecessary additives; non-toxic ingredients; no stem cell-based ingredients. Thus, no harvesting of live stem cells or harming living organisms, making it ethically preferable to other treatments with stem cell ingredients.




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VOUCELLE counteracts the skin’s response to time by easing and alleviating signs of aging. What the skin did once a week, it will now be encouraged to do once a day. Just like it used to. A topical application of this safe and proprietary formula activates your stem cells deep within the skin while simultaneously anti-oxidizing for highly efficacious youthful results. Just a few weeks of consistent use generates younger looking skin.



VOUCELLE is designed to be used along with your daily skincare regime. Apply at night to eliminate exposure to the sun and heat and for the most effective results. After removing your makeup and cleansing your skin, gently smooth a small amount of VOUCELLE evenly on your face, neck, décolleté and along specific problem areas. Allow to dry for 30 seconds before applying other skincare products. Use on a continual basis to maintain and further advance anti-aging benefits.



The 1oz dispenser will last approximately 30 days.
Price: $80.00


how it works

HARNESSES BODY'S NATURAL REGENERATIVE ABILITIES: Increases the appearance of the skin's firmness. Provides self-created and sustainable age defense.


CONTINUED USE ENCOURAGES MORE FREQUENT RATE OF CELL TURNOVER: Alleviates signs of wrinkles. Increases appearance of skin's volume creating a smooth and even tone.


CONTAINS ASCORBYL GLUCOSIDE: A powerful antioxidant that can also aid in brightening the skin.


CONTAINS ALOE BARBADENSIS LEAF JUICE: Naturally soothes and moisturizes the skin.


CONTAINS GREEN TEA EXTRACTS: Helps ward off free radicals, calms the skin and can enhance renewal.


WATER-BASED AND OIL FREE: Non-comoedogenic, won't clog pores and works for all skin types. Penetrates quickly to deliver benefits.


DOES NOT CONTAIN HARMFUL ADDITIVES: Lessens exposure to carcinogenics, hormone disruptors, and ingredients that can block the skin's healing abilities.


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